What is Solarpunk?

Bandiera Solarpunk

In general, Solarpunk is a movement of speculation narrative, art, fashion and activism that tries to answer to the question (and incarnate it) “what makes a civilization sustainable, and how can we get there?”

Solarpunk, in its aesthetic, unifies practical and beautiful, design with nature, cutting edge technology with traditional artisanal practices. Solarpunk can be utopic, optimist, or worried for the fights that we need to do to get a better world, but it can never be distopic.

Since our world is heading towards a scenario of calamities, we need solutions, not warnings. Solutions to live comfortably without fossil fuel, to manage scarcity and share wealth, to be kinder to others and to the planet we share. Solarpunk seeks to demonstrate that these solutions exist and are accessible to all and to stimulate reflection and design of the future through the tools of fiction and art.

To us, this label translates into a kind of optimistic hard sci-fi, set in a near future and based mainly on new studies and inventions in the fields of energy and environment, based on social and climate justice and based on the ability of the people to collaborate and give all they’ve got when they’re facing a problem.

A lot of Solarpunk authors are dedicated to describe how the ideal society will be after the collapse of our current society. We, on the other hand, try to think more like artisans that seek to repair and recover our future. Instead of waiting for the civilization to start a new line, we like the idea of putting a semicolon on the page and restart from what we have now, renew the city that we have today.

Solarpunk authors and editors tell us, with their own words, what is this new literary genre